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      Energy saving and environmental protection of glass bottle Release time: 2020-09-03 Visited: 51 Times

      Future development trend of glass bottle

      In order to compete with paper packaging and plastic bottle packaging better, some developed countries have been committed to creating high-quality, low-cost, more beautiful glass bottles. At present, the development trend of foreign glass bottle enterprises mainly shows the following aspects:

      1: Energy saving technology

      For glass bottle enterprises, the other way to save energy is to add broken glass. In foreign countries, the amount of broken glass can reach 60% - 70%, and the ideal state is that the amount of broken glass can reach 100%, so as to achieve low cost.

      2: Lightweight glass bottle

      In developed countries, lightweight glass bottle has gradually developed into a mainstream. Lightweight glass bottles produced by obedand. Due to the accurate control of raw material composition, the precise control in the melting process, the small mouth pressure blowing technology and other advanced technologies are the fundamental guarantee to realize the lightweight of glass bottles.

      At present, some countries are actively studying new glass bottle surface strengthening technology, trying to reduce the weight of glass bottle itself. This surface strengthening technology can effectively prevent the glass bottle from being scratched, so as to improve the glass bottle's falling resistance.