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      (glass bottle) a kind of packing container that people are familiar with and like to use Release time: 2020-08-30 Visited: 42 Times

      In all packaging industries, it belongs to glass bottle packaging, which is healthy, pollution-free and has high quality. As one of the main glass products, glass bottle is a kind of packaging container that people are familiar with and like to use. In recent decades, with the development of industrial technology, a variety of new packaging materials such as plastics, composite materials, special packaging paper, tinplate, aluminum and so on have been produced. Glass as a packaging material is in fierce competition with other packaging materials. But for the sake of health, we still advocate the use of glass bottles.

      In the process of making glass bottles and jars, the raw materials need to be heated to a high temperature of 1500 degrees to melt. After the products come out, the bottles and jars are clean and sterile. Because of its good transparency, the food in the glass bottle can be seen directly, so that consumers can distinguish the color and quality of food. Moreover, the packaging of glass bottle is not easy to deform and easy to store.

      In addition, the packaging of glass bottles and cans is pollution-free, and it can be recycled for many times, which will not damage the environment. Therefore, in a long period of time in the future, the packaging of glass bottles and cans will be very popular. In the future development of the packaging industry, the importance of the use of glass bottles and cans can not be changed, and it is more and more welcomed by major packaging enterprises. Therefore, in the use of product packaging, it is very important to choose healthy, pollution-free, high quality glass packaging.