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      Comparison of technological process between glass bottle manual machine and row and column machine Release time: 2020-06-11 Visited: 120 Times

      There are two kinds of production processes in the production and manufacturing of wide mouth glass bottles, i.e. the manual production machine (also the pedal type manual production process of turning over small mouth bottles), and the production line. The process flow is different, and the price is also different. Many customers don't understand and can't think of it. The main differences are: 1. Now many glass bottle manufacturers will install manual production on the same kiln Machine and production line are two kinds of processing technologies, and then exceed the production capacity to complement each other, give full play to the economic benefits of production and manufacturing to a large extent, and consider the requirements of different customers. 2. The hand-made machine wide mouth glass bottle, because the manual labor will make the operators different, the actual effect and quality of the products will be different, very significant areas in the bottom of the wide mouth bottle, the precision will be in line with the reality, only the single type of actual operation time is long is improved, and the production line is different, controlled by the CNC machine system on the computer The main parameters of preparation and the number of bottle drops are well proportioned and accurate, and the product smoothness, precision and the crescent line at the bottom of the bottle are very clear and beautiful. It is suitable for a large number of production line vessels to be canned, which can greatly improve the production capacity and yield economic benefits. 3. In the actual operation of the production process of the hand-made machine, the wide mouth bottle die is biased or not timely, false, and the precision of the wide mouth bottle die made will be quite different, but the manual labor will also be more flexible than the production line due to some bottle types, which will exceed the actual effect of the production line. 4. Most of the abrasives of the hand-made machine are molded by the door handle. The shape setting water cooling and mold locking line of the glass bottle will suffer from the damage due to the early, middle and late time of blowing gas and the early, middle and late time and length of opening and closing abrasives. The production line is different. The abrasives' exhaust holes and opening and closing time are very accurate, which does little harm to the shape setting of the goods, and the mold locking line of the goods will be small. 5、 The production process of handmade machine does not have high regulations on production place and production change time. It can easily consider the customer satisfaction of small orders. The mold processing speed is fast and the cost investment is small. All these are the reasons why handmade machine processing technology is always warmly welcomed by glass bottle manufacturers. The production line will provide production place and products Class has to be specified.