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      Why are glass bottles so popular? Release time: 2020-06-07 Visited: 49 Times

      Sodium calcium glass bottle is made of medical sodium calcium glass. It has good chemical stability, acid resistance, alkali resistance and corrosion resistance. It can be used in various pharmaceutical packaging containers. Soda lime glass bottle has stable mechanical properties, which can bear both the pressure in the bottle and the external force in the process of transportation. It has made great progress in the aspect of damage prevention.

      Glass bottles are used as containers for medicine, food and health products. Sodium calcium glass bottle is made of pure raw materials. It is easy to make and has a variety of shapes. Why is sodium calcium glass bottle so popular.

      Different specifications contain different capacities, which can meet the needs of customers for different capacities of products. Different capacities are equipped with different models of lids, and the classification of lids is also various. It can be equipped with aluminum cover, electrochemical aluminum cover, plastic cover of various colors, butyl gasket, silica gel gasket, PE gasket, etc.

      The capacity of soda lime glass bottle is also quite complete. Customers can choose according to the capacity of the products they need, and can also make to order production according to customers' requirements. In terms of quality, strictly follow customers' requirements and try their best to meet customers' requirements.