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      玻璃瓶生產廠家?如何應對藥用玻璃瓶市場挑戰 Release time: 2020-06-06 Visited: 60 Times

      How to deal with the challenge of pharmaceutical glass bottle Market

      Medical glass bottles have been formed and controlled. There are many kinds of bottles with complete specifications. The packaging design is increasingly rich and rational. But glass bottles are fragile. No one can guarantee the breakage rate. In the transportation management process of the company, the breakage rate may also be very large when they are used. Because of these different social reasons, it is not clean to clean up the broken glass bottles. Some of them are very high waste of medical glass bottles Students even go to the Chinese market, which causes the serious impact of health education pollution on consumers, seems to solve the very frequent complaints of consumers through the analysis of such safety accidents.

      In addition, the chemical structure of pharmaceutical glass bottle has high stability, so in the pharmaceutical packaging market, the price of pharmaceutical glass bottle is also relatively expensive. The glass bottle is fragile, but the medical glass mold can be customized according to the customer's needs, allowing the customer to approve the medical glass packaging, so that our medical glass bottle can meet the market demand, constantly develop new bottles, according to the continuous improvement of production reflected by the customer, design new models to attract the customer's eyes. Drug packaging design materials are packaging containers that directly contact with drugs. Packaging materials and drugs should have a good compatibility to ensure the chemical reaction of certain substances in enterprises, which leads to drug variation and failure in China. This requires that we should pay attention to the quality of pharmaceutical glass bottles and produce high-quality pharmaceutical glass bottles.