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      The lightweight of glass bottle should be considered comprehensively Release time: 2020-05-30 Visited: 52 Times

      With regard to the lightweight of glass bottles, more and more buyers are consulting about lightweight bottles recently. Indeed, lightweight glass bottle is the trend, and it is obvious to glass bottle manufacturers. With the price of glass bottle raw materials rising recently. More and more attention has been paid to the lightweight of glass bottles.

      However, the light weight of the glass bottle may not be as perfect as we think. Mainly with the lightweight of glass bottles, the corresponding production facilities need to be improved. For example, if the beverage glass bottle is light-weight, then the filling and capping models of the beverage production line need to be upgraded accordingly, which will generate a lot of costs. This is also why the current lightweight glass bottle has been called "no", the real implementation of the manufacturers are few.

      If the lightweight of glass bottle can be popularized, it is necessary to reduce the cost of these additional production line transformation.