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      It is very important to develop the function of glass bottle packaging Release time: 2020-05-29 Visited: 47 Times

      Glass bottle packaging is very popular and has become a market trend recently. However, the glass bottle packaging is lack in many functional development. Basically, the glass bottle packaging is still at the stage of traditional containers. In terms of functional development, plastic bottle packaging and other packaging materials are advancing rapidly.

      In fact, many products have particularity in packaging requirements, especially with the development of technology, some new products have been separated from the original basic needs, and need some special functional item matching. For example, vacuum plastic bottle can extend the validity of food and make food cleaner. Another example is the spray head of plastic bottle, because it can spray the liquid evenly in the bottle, it is widely used in the field of cosmetics and drugs. Due to the lack of functionality of glass bottle packaging, in many fields, users can only choose other packaging materials and lose many market competition opportunities.