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      There are many kinds of glass bottle packaging containers Release time: 2020-05-28 Visited: 51 Times

      Classification according to the size of glass bottle mouth

      ① Small mouthed bottle. It is a glass bottle with an inner diameter of less than 20 mm. It is mainly used for packing liquid materials, such as soda, beer, etc.

      ② Flasks. The glass bottle with an inner diameter of 20-30mm has a relatively thick and short shape, such as a milk bottle.

      ③ Wide mouth bottle. It is also called a can head bottle. The inner diameter of the bottle mouth is more than 30mm. Its neck and shoulder are relatively short, and the bottle shoulder is relatively flat, mostly in the shape of a can or a cup. Because the bottle mouth is large, it is easy to load and discharge. It is mainly used for packaging canned food and viscous materials.

      Classification by bottle geometry

      ① Round glass bottle. The section of the bottle body is round, which is the most widely used bottle type with high strength.

      ② Square glass bottle. The cross section of the bottle body is square. The strength of this kind of bottle is lower than that of the round bottle, and it is difficult to manufacture, so it is seldom used.

      ③ Curved glass bottle. Although the section is round, it is curved in the height direction. There are two kinds of concave and convex, such as flower bottle type and gourd type. The form is novel and popular with users.

      ④ Oval glass bottle. The section is ellipse, although the capacity is small, but the shape is unique, the user also likes it very much.

      Classification by use

      ① Glass bottles for wine. Wine production is very large, almost all of them are packed in glass bottles, mainly round bottles.

      ② Glass bottles for daily use. It is usually used to pack all kinds of small commodities for daily use, such as cosmetics, ink, glue, etc. because there are many kinds of commodities, the bottle shape and seal are also diverse.

      ③ Jars. There are many kinds of canned food, and the output is large, so it is self-contained. Multi purpose wide mouth bottle with a capacity of 0.2-0.5l

      ④ Medicine bottle. This is a glass bottle used to pack medicine. There are 10-200ml Brown grommet vials, 100-1000ml infusion bottles, completely sealed ampoules, etc.

      ⑤ Bottles for chemical reagents. It is used to pack all kinds of chemical reagents with a capacity of 250-1200ml, and the bottle mouth is mostly screwed or ground.

      Classification by color

      There are colorless transparent bottles, white bottles, brown bottles, green bottles and blue bottles.

      Classification by bottleneck shape

      There are neck bottle, neck less bottle, long neck bottle, short neck bottle, thick neck bottle and small neck bottle, etc.

      Summary: Nowadays, the whole packaging industry is in the stage of transformation and upgrading. As one of the market segments, the transformation of glass packaging industry is also imminent. Although paper packaging is more popular and has a certain impact on glass packaging in the face of the environmental protection trend, there is still a broad development space for glass bottle packaging. In order to occupy a place in the future market, glass packaging still needs to develop to lightweight and environmental protection.