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      Glass bottle recycling helps steady development of enterprises Release time: 2020-05-25 Visited: 47 Times

      According to the glass bottle packaging Association: the energy saved by recycling a glass bottle can make a 100 watt bulb light up for four hours, can let a computer run for 30 minutes, and can watch 20 minutes of TV programs, so recycling a glass bottle is a significant thing.

      For the packaging of glass bottles, the most urgent thing at present is to achieve a breakthrough in market share, and the key problem is to realize the weight reduction and lightweight of glass bottles, mainly because the glass bottles are generally too heavy and need a large number of glass packaging materials. In developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan, lightweight bottles are the leading products of glass bottles.

      With the development of grid technology and network system in every aspect of our life, there is no doubt that they have influenced our choice of matter subconsciously. As a result, geometry, refinement and creativity will become the trend. In practice, the trend of packaging design in 2015 can be understood as three-dimensional, solid color, sharp edges and corners, innovative packaging forms and architectural modeling and structure.

      The packaging requirements of glass bottles are not achieved overnight, and they are not expected to achieve something. The packaging requirements of glass bottles will not return to the mainstream in all packaging fields.

      Self subtraction of glass bottle packaging

      At present, enterprises in the beer industry generally adjust the product structure, especially in the glass bottle packaging share.

      It is understood that after Carlsberg became the actual controller of Chongqing beer, it has continuously strengthened the integration in the fields of production, purchase, sales, marketing and finance. Since the beginning of 2014, the company has determined the optimization plan for the beer bottle type and total amount of the company, i.e. gradually simplifying the glass bottle packaging of the company, gradually simplifying the glass bottle packaging of the company in the next few years, and finally using only four kinds of glass bottles nationwide.

      Relevant data shows that as of January 1, 2014, about 70% of the company's glass bottles are non future bottle types. According to the glass bottle adjustment plan, the company will stop purchasing non future bottle types, let them be eliminated naturally in the next year, and completely force them to be eliminated by 2020 at the latest. As a result, these non future bottles showed signs of impairment in 2014. According to the relevant provisions of the accounting standards, the 36 types of glass bottles determined to be out of use in 2014 and the bottle types whose turnover rate is far lower than the normal level are included in the impairment calculation in full in the year, and the bottle types gradually delisted from 2015 to 2020 are included in the impairment calculation according to the estimated elimination progress.

      Glass bottle packaging abroad

      Analysis of the four development trends of glass packaging industry in the future. In order to compete with paper containers, plastic bottles and other packaging materials and containers, glass packaging industry in developed countries has been committed to making the product quality more reliable, appearance more beautiful, cost less and price cheaper.

      Another way to save energy by adopting advanced energy saving technology, improving melting quality and prolonging furnace is to increase the amount of broken glass, which reaches 60% - 70% in foreign countries. The best way is to use 100% broken glass to achieve the goal of "ecological" glass production.

      How to improve the forming speed of glass bottle is the key to improve the productivity of glass bottle manufacturing. At present, the common method adopted by developed countries is to select multi group and multi drop molding machine. The large kiln matching with the high-speed molding machine must have the ability to supply a large amount of high-quality glass liquid stably, and the temperature and viscosity of the material drop must meet the requirements of the best molding conditions. Therefore, the ingredients of raw materials must be very stable. Most of the refined standardized raw materials used by glass bottle manufacturers in developed countries are provided by specialized raw material manufacturers. In order to ensure the melting quality, the digital control system should be used to realize the optimal control of the whole process.