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      How to guarantee the quality of glass bottle in production Release time: 2020-05-22 Visited: 61 Times

      The surface quality of the primary glass bottle: it can be divided into material color, finish, transparency, etc.; the top element is the material color of the glass bottle, which can be divided into three levels according to the regional specifications: pure white material, high white material and common white material; the same material color is the glass bottle's finish and transparency, and the good bottle appearance should be free of impurities, bubbles, cold spots, sticking, wrinkle free skin, putty, etc.

      It should also be noted that the "double seam" of the bottle body is not strict with the quality requirements of a single glass bottle manufacturer, which often presents the phenomenon of large seam line and double seam line; finally, when looking straight at the bottle body, the clarity and permeability of the large mouth glass bottle are better, and the small mouth glass bottle cannot have the particularly significant halo wave pattern.

      Secondly, the connotative quality of glass bottle: in this way, there are many subdivisions, such as the strength of glass bottle, the temperature difference between quick cooling and quick heating, the straightness of bottle body, the thickness of bottle body, no deformation of bottle body, crooked neck, the flatness and roundness of bottle mouth, no cold line fried mouth, full silk line, no broken wire of Piri drum, no diaminoma in bottle mouth, etc. The most common defects of Xuzhou glass bottle manufacturers are the following --- small mouth bottle with crooked neck, small mouth flat bottle with shaking body, large mouth bottle with wire drum, etc.

      As a result, the crooked neck of small mouth bottle affects the appearance, so it can't be filled by machine, and it can't be sealed by machine; the reason is that the mold elements, the production machine speed is fast, the bottle clamp is not matched, and so on; the shaking of small mouth flat bottle is mostly caused by the failure to handle the anti-skid line at the bottom of the mold, as well as the punch mark deviation, and the machine speed is fast, and the shape is good; the result of large mouth bottle's wire bulge is that the wire pattern becomes thick and it can't be sealed, and the reason is the large mouth mold Poor heat dissipation or shallow air head formation.