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      What factors are restricting the production capacity of glass bottles? Release time: 2020-05-16 Visited: 50 Times

      For glass bottle manufacturers, it's not a day or two to achieve a substantial increase in production capacity, so it's also a problem to be considered to choose a reasonable partner when the market order is not only growing. The rapid growth of orders for glass bottle market has exceeded the imagination of many glass bottle manufacturers. The rapid growth of orders is not a good thing for glass bottle manufacturers. Because this needs the corresponding production line, capacity to support. Otherwise, there will be many things such as quality failure, default and so on. So, what factors will restrict the capacity of glass bottles? First of all, the glass bottle production equipment bottle making machine. For a long time, the glass bottle market has been impacted by the plastic bottle packaging. The market demand is low, and the market demand for the bottle making machine is small, which leads to the closure of many domestic bottle making machine manufacturers. The existing bottle making machine manufacturers also have limited investment in product research and development due to capital reasons, and the performance of the bottle making machine has been improved slowly. This leads to the bottleneck of improving the performance of glass bottle manufacturers, and it can not be broken in a short period of time. Secondly, the increase of glass bottle orders is a matter of recent years, but professional technicians are needed to engage in the production of glass bottles. It takes time for these experienced technicians to train, and they can recruit people in a short period of time, but the unskilled technicians also affect the production of glass bottles. Glass bottle manufacturers now have strict regulations on expanding production. They cannot expand production at will and need to meet relevant policies and regulations.