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      Future development focus of glass bottle container industry Release time: 2020-05-12 Visited: 79 Times

      Glassware industry is a traditional industry for people's livelihood and an indispensable industry for the development of national economy. In recent ten years, the rapid development of the industry has changed a lot. With the continuous improvement of the technical equipment level of enterprises, the industry as a whole has broad prospects for development, but also faces unprecedented challenges. Xuzhou Huicheng glass products Co., Ltd. glass bottle manufacturers information network.

      ① Lightweight. In particular, beer bottles, white wine bottles, mineral water bottles and other lightweight prospects. The annual output of alcohol in China is more than 70 million tons, including 40 million tons of beer and 30 million tons of liquor, red wine and yellow wine. European super heavy glass bottles are subject to super heavy resource tax. Xuzhou Huicheng glass products Co., Ltd. provides more than 2000 glass bottle samples for your choice.

      ② Popularization. In particular, the development and promotion of glass bottle packaging containers and glassware, as well as heat-resistant glass products. At present, it has become a fashion to use beautiful and high-quality heat-resistant glass tableware, cookware and products in developed areas. For example, coffee bottles, teapots, teabowls, teacups, etc., especially baby bottles, it is recommended to use heat-resistant glass, microwave oven to heat food, and it is safer to use heat-resistant glass. Using the refrigerator with glass door, it is very convenient to choose food, saving time and electricity.

      ③ Artistic. Promote the development of glass bottles and glass crafts, especially the gift and home furnishing market, wedding and tourism market.

      ④ Functionalization. Research and development of decorative glass bottle function.

      ⑤ Energy saving and environmental protection. Energy saving and emission reduction, research and application of energy-saving glass bottle kiln technology.

      ⑥ Green cycle. The focus is on the recycling and utilization of waste broken glass, and Australia gives reward policies to recycled glass bottles.

      ⑦ Operation and management mechanism of mechanical modernization and intelligent informatization.

      ⑧ Internationalization of scale economy. Actively participate in international competition.