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      Weight reduction plan of glass bottle Release time: 2020-05-11 Visited: 45 Times

      In the early days, glass bottle was a single choice. In recent years, great changes have taken place. The pattern of glass bottle dominating the world has been broken. Plastic bags, PET bottles and casks have successively entered the liquid condiment market.

      PET bottle is similar to glass bottle in terms of scale and capacity, but it is lighter and glossier than glass bottle, and has a bottle cap for repeated use; PE barrel generally has a larger capacity, which is suitable for occasions with relatively fast consumption, and its repeated sealing performance is also very good; while plastic bag provides better economy. First, the sealing performance of glass can and tinplate cover is excellent. Compared with other sealing properties such as plastic bottle cover, tinplate cover occupies a great advantage in the field of food safety. Second, glass cans often have large bottle mouth, which is convenient for filling and transportation. At the same time, people are also very convenient to take out the packaging materials, so it is more convenient, which is suitable for the packaging of fruits, carrion and other massive materials.

      On the one hand, it saves a lot of raw materials, which means the cost reduction for a glass bottle manufacturer. On the other hand, with the decrease of glass bottle weight, the logistics cost in the transportation process will also be greatly saved. The appearance of glass can is often bulky, but now we pay attention to lightweight packaging, we can see on the shelves of shopping malls that glass can packaging still occupies a large market share, which is inseparable from some advantages of glass can packaging itself.

      The weight of the word "ecology" is equal to the total weight of all glass bottles. One way to save energy is to increase the amount of broken glass. The amount of broken glass in foreign countries reaches 60% - 70%. The best way is to use 100% broken glass to achieve the goal of "ecological" glass production. At present, the method commonly adopted in developed areas is to select multi group and multi drop molding machines. For example, the machine speed of 12 sets of double drop row bottle making machines produced abroad can exceed 240 / min, which is more than 4 times higher than that of 6 sets of single drop molding machines commonly used in China.

      The whole production process is timely controlled by computer, which can ensure the better forming conditions, high quality products, more stable and reliable operation, and very low scrap rate. The large kiln matching with the high-speed molding machine must have the ability to supply a large amount of high-quality glass liquid stably, and the temperature and viscosity of the material drop must meet the requirements of better molding conditions.

      Therefore, the ingredients of raw materials must be very stable. Most of the refined standardized raw materials used by glass bottle manufacturers in developed countries are provided by specialized raw material manufacturers. In order to ensure the melting quality, the thermal parameters of the furnace should be controlled by digital control system.

      With the development of technology, in recent years, plastic cans and other packaging materials with lower cost appear, which challenges the packaging of glass cans. The two aspects of weight reduction and cost reduction need to be paid attention to in the future.