Monday, July 14, 2014

Pancakes With Olympian Megan Imrie

“You think cycling is hard? Try to take out your targets while you hold your gasping breath after skate skiing a sprint loop!"

Olympian Megan Imrie (photo: Winnipeg Free Press)
We are pleased to announce that Canadian Olympian Megan Imrie and her partner Scott Edmonds will be hosting our Sunday brunch. If anyone can make healthy food taste great, these two can pull it off!

Oh, and if you get a bit peckish mid race, how about a stone fire pizza slice to take off the edge off? It does not get any better.

Cold beer and hot dogs at Paul’s cookout on Saturday evening! Fresh pancakes prepared by a team that understands athletes! Yep - we got you covered!

Don't forget to register! Deadline is midnight this Wednesday! (click the red button to the right)

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