Thursday, July 17, 2014

Get Packing!

As you pack for this weekend, here's a few suggestions to keep in mind...


Water - Please note that the water on site at the chalet is not safe for consumption. All riders should bring their own water. And lots of it. It looks like we're heading for a hot weekend. If you run out of water, stores at Falcon Lake are just 10 minutes away.

Provincial Park Pass - As you're in Whiteshell Provincial Park, you'll need a park pass...or roll the dice and risk a ticket.

Mandatory Requirements
- A well-tuned mountain bike, helmet, minimum 200 lumen headlight, backup headlight (Maglites or the like will work), red rear flasher.

Additional Suggestions - Alarm clock (smartphone), tent/trailer, fully charged batteries, bike tools, spare tubes, sleeping bag, pillow, clothing in layers, towel, ear plugs, bug juice, sun block, personal hygiene stuff, shoes, etc.


This is Manitoba! If you forget something, the shops of Falcon Lake are just down the road.


Camping, toilets, showers, electricity for recharging your headlights.


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