Monday, July 2, 2012

Going Green

After some confusion and a lot of Sunday afternoon cleanup at last year's race, 2012 will see a bit more organization of waste at 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge. We again welcome racers to bring their own food to roast around the fire and their own pop and 'adult beverages' to consume late into the night, but this year we'll help you organize your waste better.

Around the Falcon Ridge Lodge and parking lot will be two to four "Eco Depots" to help you organize your waste:

  • BLACK garbage bags will be for non-compost-able waste >
  • GREEN garbage bags will be for compost-able waste 
  • CLEAR garbage bags will be for recycling (Clear-glass, non-beer bottles are sadly non-recyclable. Throw them carefully into the black bags.) 
  • ORANGE garbage bag will be for alcoholic beverage containers (glass and aluminium) 

 Keep your eyes peeled for the signs and locations of each Eco Depot and if you forget which waste goes in which bag, there will be a ton of signage to keep you straight. If you have any questions, feel free to ask race organizers and remember, your help and diligence will help keep 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge 'green' for years to come.

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