Sunday, July 22, 2012

2012 Results

Here are the top three in each field:

24 Hour Solo Men:

1. Alex Man
2. Jason Wiebe
3. Alf Enns

24 Hour Solo Women:

1. Seema Saini

24 Hour Team:

1. MenHers
2. EK Crew
3. Out of Our Falcon Minds

8 Hour Solo Men:

1. David Dorning
2. Graham Wiebe
3. Mike Giesbrecht

8 Hour Solo Women:

1. Diane Borges
2. Andrea Tetrault

8 Hour Team:

1. Butther Breath
2. Wood Chips
3. Gilles Gobert Celebrity Experience

See full results and all the details below.

24 Solo Results (click to expand):

24 Team Results:

8 Hour Solo and Team Results:

Thursday, July 12, 2012

2012's Schedule

We are delighted to bring you the 3rd annual 24 Hours of Falcon Lake. Right now we're anticipating about 100 racers!

We hope to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Our team has worked very hard to bring you a challenging, yet safe course to race on. It looks like Mother Nature will cooperate based on the current forecast, however, you can never tell with hot days and late-day thunder showers so be ready for anything!

For your reference, here's a basic schedule for this year's event:

Friday Evening, July 13th
● Course open for pre-riding

Saturday, July 14th
● 8:30 - Registration and sign-in open for walk-ups and all pre-registered racers.
● 9:30 -
       ○ 8-hour event registration closes.
       ○ 8-hour event pre-race meeting at the Start/Finish tent
● 10:00 - Lemans start of 8-hour event
● 11:00 - 24-hour event walk-up registration closes.
● 11:30 - 24-hour event pre-race meeting at the Start/Finish tent
● 12:00 - Lemans start of 24-hour event<
● 6:00 -
       ○ 8-hour event finish
       ○ Northland Appliance BBQ starts at the Welcome Centre
● 6:30 - 8-hour event awards and draw prizes at the Welcome Centre

 Sunday, July 15th
● 12:00 noon - 24-hour event finish
● 12:15 - brunch for racers is served in the chalet
● 1:00 - 24-hour event awards and draw prizes

L'eau...El Agua...Veden...Woda...WATER!

By now you've hopefully checked off a good number of items on your list for preparing for this weekend's race. Just to be sure you are fully prepared, let us remind you not to forget to bring a large supply of drinking water.

The water available in the chalet at Falcon Ridge is non-potable. That means it's good for everything but drinking.

If you're trying to find a reason to DNF, drinking water from the chalet is most certainly an effective way of ensuring the rest of your weekend is a write-off.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tick, Tock!

Just a friendly reminder to get yourself registered online by Wednesday at midnight. It's as simple as clicking on that button at right that says "REGISTER NOW!".

If you don't, you'll have to sign up on-site and spend an extra $15. If you're like us, you'd rather spend that money on...other things. 

Register online and keep it in your pants

Friday, July 6, 2012

Racing Prerequisite: Provincial Park Permit

After a couple years of free access to provincial parks, the provincial government has re-instituted the requirement for a park permit to gain entry to its parks (which includes the Falcon Lake area).

If you don't already have one, they're $30 and good until April 30, 2013. More importantly, it will save you from receiving a much more costly fine.

Permits are available at all campground and park offices and most business locations that sell fishing and hunting licences.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rolling Some ZigZag

The new "ZigZag Crossing" has been installed on the 2012 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge race course. This allows us to incorporate the Biathlon bridge and range area, rain or shine. Many thanks to Robert Champagne and his work crew (Gerald Bohemier, Ken Lewis, and Darren Derksen) that suffered through this weekend's blistering heat to provide this long term legacy for all cyclists and hikers to use. We could not have pulled this off without the generous support from two of our sponsors: Bill Benson Carpentry Ltd. and Lumber One Building Supplies.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Going Green

After some confusion and a lot of Sunday afternoon cleanup at last year's race, 2012 will see a bit more organization of waste at 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge. We again welcome racers to bring their own food to roast around the fire and their own pop and 'adult beverages' to consume late into the night, but this year we'll help you organize your waste better.

Around the Falcon Ridge Lodge and parking lot will be two to four "Eco Depots" to help you organize your waste:

  • BLACK garbage bags will be for non-compost-able waste >
  • GREEN garbage bags will be for compost-able waste 
  • CLEAR garbage bags will be for recycling (Clear-glass, non-beer bottles are sadly non-recyclable. Throw them carefully into the black bags.) 
  • ORANGE garbage bag will be for alcoholic beverage containers (glass and aluminium) 

 Keep your eyes peeled for the signs and locations of each Eco Depot and if you forget which waste goes in which bag, there will be a ton of signage to keep you straight. If you have any questions, feel free to ask race organizers and remember, your help and diligence will help keep 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge 'green' for years to come.