Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Provisional Start List [Updated]

As of 9am this morning, we have about 50 people signed up for the second annual 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge. There are still a couple of days to get signed up. Registration closes on Thursday at 8pm. We hope there will be many more by then. But here's a look at what the field looks like at the moment.

24 Solo:

Patrick Humenny
JP Peters
Alex Man
Don Sawatzky
Gordon Sokolosky
Scott Wiebe
Jason Wiebe
Brent Wilkinson
Tom Kolesnik
Rene Tellier
Alf Enns
Rob Brigden

Michelle Annandale
Nicole Poirier
Seema Saini
Janice Brigden

24 Hour two person teams:

Going the Distance (Jon Laterveer and Tanya Laterveer)
Rather Unprepared (David Newsom and Jack Harrison)
The Nightmen Cometh (Blake Peterson and Darren Derksen)

24 Hour four person teams:

ABES and BABES (Johnny Sawatsky, Cheryl Koop, David Sawatzky, Cindy Hiebert)
Delirious Dads (Patrick Siemens, Lorne Reimer, Jonathan Thompson, Ed Reimer)
You Say Party We Say Ride! (Allan Scott, Craig Spakowski, David Ripley, Mark Wiebe)
Ladies of the Dark Side (Vanessa Peters, Charlene Guenter, Rachel Huebner, Jaime Mateush)
Swamp Yetis (Marty Roy, Catherine Allen-Dorn, Rick Shone, Kurt Lehman)
Beer n Fire (James Benson, John Tyler Markowsky, Marc Zurbuchen)

8 Hour Solo:

Scott Brown
Trevor Allen
Dallas Sigurdur
Cameron Mclaren
Hal Loewen
Marty Halprin
Joshua Ginter

Kim Mccormick
Tracy Wilkinson

8 Hour two person teams:

First Choice Fitness (Blake Wood and ???)
Landgraffs (Ken Landgraff and Brandon Landgraff)
T&A (Terry Macyck and Adam Gregory)
The Royals (Stephen Grahame and Sarah Turner)
Wolseley Weekend Warriors (Mark Gray and Bob Andrews)

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