Monday, July 18, 2011

2011 Results

The 2011 edition of the 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge is in the books. With almost twice as many participants as last year, there were bigger fields and tougher competition. Thanks to everyone who showed up and made the event a big success.

See the top finishers for the various categories below. For full results, zoom in on the photos of the two scoreboards above.

24 Solo Men:

JP Peters - 35 laps
Alex Mann - 33 laps
Alf Enns - 27 laps

24 Solo Women:

Cat Horbatiuk - 22 laps
Seema Saini - 14 laps
Nicole Poirier - 11 laps

24 Hour Two Person Teams:

Men: Rather Unprepared - 18 laps
Mixed: Going the Distance - 16 laps
Kids: We Let You Win - 8 laps

24 Hour Four Person Teams:

Men: Delirious Dads - 48 laps
Women: Ladies of the Dark Side - 14 laps
Mixed: ABES and BABES - 17 laps

8 Hour Solo Men:

Trevor Allen - 15 laps
David Dorning - 12 laps
Jean-Francois Berard - 11 laps

8 Hour Solo Women:

Tracy Wilkinson - 7 laps
Kim McCormick - 6 laps

8 Hour Two Person Teams:

Men: T & A - 16 laps
Mixed: The Royals - 13 laps


  1. You credited me with one more lap than I actually did but... thanks for the bonus... Having a beer and hot dog mid race should be credited with an extra lap ;-)

  2. WOW that was HOT and AWESOME!! Thanks to the organizers who were awesome and congrats to all the winners (actually that was all of us for taking part in a great race!). Obviously JP and Cat need to be tested ;-)